SPAIN / Barcelona / Madrid


Casanova 260. 2º- 2º, Barcelona 08021, Spain
Paseo de la Castellana 91. 4ª, Madrid 28046, Spain

Alvaro Montoliu


AMT is formed and inspired by the teamwork of experienced senior professionals that come from different working backgrounds. It has a clear vision of rupturing with established ideas to recover the concept of service. An agency is the extension of its clients’ marketing department. Companies need ideas that travel as far as their brands wish and as close as their clients need. They should do it through a genuine human proposal, based on a dialogue that helps develop encounters and create relationships. For that reason, we believe in the concept of Transcomunicación, because we need ideas that flow independently from the channel with a unique, plural and integrator interlocutor. These are our Transcomunicación principles and we assure you that we are not willing to change them.