10 May 2016

Things to Know About Thursday, June 9

On Thursday, June 9th, all agencies will have the opportunity to make a 10 minute presentation about their achievements in 2015 and their plans for 2016.

Here’s what we would love to hear during your agency update:



    • A general statement about this year’s performance vs. the previous year’s
    • Your expectations for 2016


    • Is your agency growing, becoming smaller, or staying the same?

Client relations

    • A general overview on how your agency feels about client relations

New business development

    • What are you doing to attract new clients?


    • Updates on your offerings and overall capabilities (e.g., print, digital, Internet, etc.)


After the agency updates, we will start The Golden Bull competition. Each agency will have 15-20 minutes to present a case study featuring an example of its best work from 2015/2016. A “panel of experts” will cast their votes for the best of the best and the winner will take home a trophy!

Have questions? Tweet us at @ConfradAGM for more details on the presentations.