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Lori Sharbono

Vice President
Director of Business Development

We live in an untethered world. Today, consumers choose where, when and how they engage with brands. The connection is on their terms, and it’s as likely to happen via the screen of a phone as the screen of a television. That’s why channel is secondary and content is king. Our responsibility to our clients’ brands is creating content that consumers welcome into their lives, spend time with and share with others. At times, that content may be an ad. Other times, a mobile app. Still others, an experiential event. Regardless of form, at all times it must be content that consumers love. Because if your audience loves what you create for them, they’re drawn closer. At Periscope we create things that people love so those people will feel something in their hearts and move closer to your brand. You see, at Periscope we create things — all sorts of things — that make people love brands. Our shorthand for this is simple — do things people love.